Listen to The Fall Featuring Lori Shuck by John William Thompson

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John William Thompson’s epic romantic duet, The Fall, featuring friend and vocalist Lori Shuck, is now available on Soundcloud and complete with full lyrics and cover artwork!

Maybe leaving now would be the best to do
Cause if we both keep spinning round, I’m sure to be in love with you
And i don’t see where you were in my plan at all

I love the fall
I’m loving this moment just out of reach for the first unexpected kiss

Baby leaving now would be the best to do.
Cause if I share all that I have there’d be nothing left to prove.
And I’m so much more than you’ve ever known before.
And this is so much more than I recall.

I’m loving the fall.
Safe by your side
Slightest brush of your hair
Have to catch my breath at the butterflies

All I see in you, I want it all
But you can’t rush love.
I’m lovin the fall.

One more laugh and then maybe tomorrow call
What a beautiful night
Lovin the fall.

Baby I’m loving the fall.