Carter County Line

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Married  9/24/38. 48 years later he passed. 25 years later she follows. She never loved another. Two of the finest to ever live. Hear just some of there story in Carter County Line. Thats where they got married because Papa John had bought the license in Carter County  but they both lived in Jefferson Co and the preacher man was licensed to marry them in Jefferson County. He suffered an accidental gunshot to the head about age 20 and had to learn to do everything over again, read, walk, write. He could even write his name backwards…in cursive. A true cowboy, he worked cows, had a trick mule and a Brahma bull you could ride. He loved stray dogs and on occasions a Miller Pony. She was the hardest working, kindest most giving person I have ever known. She made fresh biscuits nearly every day of her life. Even when she was driving a bean truck on the farm, she would bring extra for the farm hands. Sometimes even a warm sausage cake. I would imagine in that truck is where I got my love for the road. Certainly was where I got my first “handle”…Shotgun Rider. I miss her something bad. They never had much. They had all they needed.